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PCs & DEVICES Fix your PC, printer, & devices Support for all popular brands Home Network Complete home network support Including modems and routers Internet & VoIP Setup DSL/Broadband/VoIP Enhance performance & security PC Security Prevent viruses, SPAM & malware Microsoft Windows Install & support for Windows 95 & up Popular Software Support for MS Office, Adobe, & many more

Premium Support provides how-to assistance to help you get the most out of your PC & other networked electronic devices. Our engineers can help you install and troubleshoot any problems that you might face. Whether you have a slow PC, need to install a new printer, or want to transfer files from your digital camera to the computer, We can help. Call us.

Our support engineers will troubleshoot and solve your issues over the phone. It's the luxury of having an IT expert at your side, without the cost of an on-site visit.


Some typical situations that TRENDnet Premium Support can help with:

  • My monitor is blank.
  • My PC hangs when I open large files.
  • My computer really slows down after connecting to the Internet.
  • I’m having sound issues with my computer.
  • My screen goes blank after a few minutes.
  • I can't hear any sound while playing my DVD.
  • My computer is always asking me to press F1, but nothing happens.
  • Programs are taking a long time to open.
  • It takes 5 minutes to get my regular desktop page.
  • How can I clear temporary files?
  • My color printer only prints black and white.
  • Why do printouts from my printer have a lower border?
  • My print jobs appear in the print queue but don’t print.
  • How can I share pictures from my digital camera?
  • How do I print pictures from my digital camera?
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Home Network

In the today’s home networks, increasingly complex devices need to talk to each other. Premium Support engineers are experts in how to connect your computers, share printers or access the Internet. We can also walk you through setting up your wireless network.

Any time you need help with your home network, our support experts are ready, willing, and able to assist you.


Some typical situations that Premium Support can help with:

  • I can’t connect to the Internet.
  • How do I secure my wireless connection?
  • How do I share files on the network?
  • I can’t play games on the network.
  • How can I block sites on the Internet with my router?
  • How do I install my wireless router?
  • How do I upgrade my router's firmware?
  • Does a router replace the modem?
  • Do I need a wireless card to go online?
  • How do I add a PC to my wireless network?
  • How do I share my print server with my network?
  • How do I install my webcam and connect to the Internet?
  • When connecting to the Internet with a router, it’s very slow.
  • What is WEP?
  • I think I have an intruder logging into my router.
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Internet & VoIP

Everyone is becoming part of today’s digitally networked world. It’s due to the benefits of the Web – from shopping online, to watching video clips or answering a question – everyone is online.

Premium Support engineers will help install and configure your Internet & VoIP services over the phone. We'll help you set up your email accounts and fix performance problems with your Internet connection.


Some typical situations that we can help with:

  • How do I configure my Outlook Express?
  • How do I import my mail from Outlook?
  • How do I customize my outgoing email?
  • How do I export my contacts to Excel?
  • I can’t connect to the Internet.
  • I can’t download a file from the Internet.
  • I'm able to get online with my laptop, but not with my PC.
  • How do I create a group email list?
  • What is mail merge?
  • I can’t make outgoing calls from my broadband phone.
  • I have voice issues on my VoIP phone.
  • How do I use TIVO?
  • I need help getting faxes.
  • How do I set up voice mail?
  • How can I use my web camera during a chat session?
  • How can I get a Google toolbar on my browser?
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PC Security

Plagued by poor computer performance and annoying pop-ups? Do you suspect a computer virus? Are you worried that some sinister software is tracking you as you're on the web? Do you need to set up parental control on web browsing?


Some typical situations that we can help with:

  • How can I secure my PC?
  • What are good browsing habits?
  • How do I enforce parental controls?
  • How do I setup a personal firewall?
  • How can I remove 'hijackers'?
  • Am I inside a firewall?
  • What is Ad-ware and why should I worry about it?
  • Am I being pinged, probed or attacked on this port?
  • How should I secure my wireless network?
  • What is Active-X?
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Microsoft Windows

When Windows is set up correctly with the latest updates it can be an excellent user experience. But if not set up correctly, operating system issues can become very tricky, and you’ll need expert help.

Premium Support engineers have the expertise to help you solve your problems. We can assist you with Microsoft Windows setup, install the latest patches & updates, get rid of common Windows error messages, restore a mirror image of your system in case of a crash, or help you increase performance by optimizing your system. We support Windows 95 & up.


Some typical situations that we can help with:

  • I want to reinstall Windows XP.
  • Am I current with the latest Windows updates?
  • Windows XP stops responding at the Logon or Welcome Screen.
  • How many language versions of XP are available?
  • Where is my missing disk space?
  • Where can I find more info on XP?
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Popular Software

Premium Support experts can help install and configure your popular software purchases - so you can focus on being productive instead of being bogged down with installation problems.

After installing your software, our experts can also give you some quick tips and shortcuts, so you don't have to read the entire manual.


Some typical situations that we can help with:

  • How do I download Adobe Reader?
  • Why should I upgrade to Adobe 7.0?
  • Why are all my excel files in "Read only" mode?
  • My Excel file says it has links, but I don’t see any
  • My Excel column headers show numbers instead of letters.
  • How do I change the color of sheet tab?
  • I need more than 256 columns in my sheet
  • How many worksheets can I put in a workbook?
  • How do I install a new font?
  • Can I print labels from Word?
  • How do I create a new template?
  • My Excel file says it has links, but I don’t see any. I need more than 256 columns in my sheet.
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